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heather Horton

Actor / Comedian / Taste Tester

I’m Heather Horton, an actor with a stand-up alter ego, and we both like cupcakes! That’s kind of how we got here…

I was bumping along with my acting and comedy career, when everything came to a screeching halt in June of 2014 from an awful bi-malleolar fracture with ankle dislocation.

Before my injury, I was jogging every morning, lifting weights, playing soccer games on the weekends, and eating anything I wanted.

After surgery, I was non-weight bearing for two months, and a return to walking normally took almost a year!

When I was having difficulty healing, my surgeon ordered blood work. I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic with hypercholesterolemia, which began my journey to eat better.

I now get to make the bionic woman sound when I jump, and food has become my best frenemy.

Can I Eat This?